Construction sequence of window tinting

ECOP glass tinting on window is performed by specialist who has knowledge and professional construction skills

■ Construction place

Doho Sumiyoshi units Nursery School

■ Sequence 1, Curing

Curing firmly.

■ Sequence 2, Cleaning

Eliminate Surface dirt.

■ Sequence 3, Machinery polishing

Machinery polishing, the glass surface polishing.

■ Sequence 4, Masking

Sticking tapes between niche and gaps. 

■ Sequence 5, Alcohol wiping
Completely wipe the surface with alcohol
■ Sequence 6, Chemicals combinations

Adjusting chemicals to temperature and humidity levels.
Mixing chemicals.

■ Sequence 7, Coating

Equal pressure, Even coating on surface of window.

■ Sequence 8, Complete

Rip off the masking tapes.Complete looks like do nothing on the glass surface.

■ Conformation!

Finally You can feel the effects of window tinting.

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