ECOP window tinting

ECOP window tinting creates a special coating to the glass layer, and effectively cut the harmful UV and infrared. Although High-performance protecting UV and infrared, the glass passes enough visible light.

Features of ECOP window tinting

Blocking UV! 99.9%

No lose sight of landscape from window, Guarantee remit obligation to rental properties.


ECOP window glass coating prevents furniture, flooring, curtains, clothing, etc. from fading(tanning) by protecting them from UV rays.

Saving utility costs

More than 92% of Infrared rays are cut, so there is a high energy saving effect during the summer.

Prevents insects from gathering at night

By blocking ultraviolet light from interior lighting at night, it prevents moths and other insects from approaching the windows.

Exceptional transparency

Only 7% of visible light is blocked and the coating is exceptional transparency. Best choice for showrooms or display window etc.

No need to worry about losing the view from your window, and it is guaranteed to clear remit obligations for rental properties.


In recent years, the hole in the ozone layer has been getting bigger and has become a serious problem. The amount harmful ultraviolet radiation reaching the earth’s surface has also increased.

ECOP window glass coating creates a special layer on glass, which blocks more than 99%. ultraviolet rays

In addition, the heat caused by infrared rays is blocked at the rate 92%. Therefore it is effective for energy saving and reducing utility costs in the summer.  Particularly in westward rooms where the sunlight is strongest.

Moreover, only 7% of visible light is blocked and the coating is extremely clear. The brightness of the room and the visibility through the windows do not change.

In addition it is durable for over 10 years.

Spectral characteristics of ECOP window tinting

Effect of ECOP window tinting

ECOP glass coating has excellent heat resistance and durability. Surface hardness is 6H (pencil hardness test: JIS K5400).
Harder than glass film, and unless you deliberately try to damage the glass coating with metal fragments, normal cleaning and daily contact do not damage the ECOP window coating.

* Not only UV rays, but also visible rays can cause tanning of furniture, curtains, etc.
* Because the ultraviolet absorber is organic, window coating can undergo aging by the amount of UV absorbed.


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