Introduced by media

NHK Fukuoka

"News nattoku Fukuoka" (broadcasted in June 2, 2008) was introduced to feature Cool biz.

Nikkei Ecology in the May issue feature story, page 108~110

Introduced in “The latest energy-saving technology of Building and Store”

>Infrared blocking prevents incoming heat.

Varnishing special solvents on the inside of the windows,  92% of infrared and 99% of UV rays can be blocked. Blocking 7% of a visible ray, but almost does not fall the brightness of the sun.

Thin solvents has high intensity, and the infrared, ultraviolet blocking effects continues 10 years long.

Blocking heat ray, infrared, saving utility cost in summer, blocking UV expectable for anti fading effect.

Doubled glass which has high-level insulation performance is known as measure of energy saving. However doubled glass is not able to prevent Indoor temperature rising caused by infrared.
In addition to, reflective glass like mirror which completely blocking the infrared also blocked 20~30% of visible ray. Therefore luminosity of the room decrease and interior lighting cost becomes increase.

According to results of varnishing special solvents test, inside 5th floor building of Tokyo, (floor area of 5000㎡), it seems like 8% of effects of energy conservation per 1 year.

In addition, results of similar scale test in Okinawa, building energy-saving effect was 14%.

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