Greetings of Matsuyama CEO

We are seriously considering to be a great help to people and nature.

ECOP contributes CO2 reducing and global environment through the glass coating business

By improving product quality as well as construction technology, we make an effort to enhance humanity day by day.

American Indians live in harmony with nature, thinking about their next 7 generations of descendants.

In addition to my occupation, I am involved in activities such as improvements and cleanup work of soil and water quality in lakes using microorganism.

I feel strongly that I want to leave Activities and Organizations for our next generations by combining my occupation with activities, which protect the natural environment.

My ultimate goal is to organize ECOP to foster the reforestation projects.

We aim to make an everlasting company loved by customers and mother nature, together with the growth of trees.

Thank you for your cooperation.

ECOP Co. , Ltd. CEO Takeshi Matsuyama


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Establishment January 29 , 1999
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Customer Center
CEO Takeshi Matsuyama
Staff 29 persons
Bank Bank of Kyoto Rakusai branch
Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank Katsura branch

Recommendation:"I really enjoy their life and job in future."

Name : Kichiya Nobuko
Title :
Interior planner designer
United Networks for Earth Environment, person in charge of Kyoto
Kyoto EM love, person in charge of Kyoto
EARTH Mind love, representative

"You might know it , but do nothing,which is the same as not knowing about it at all."
My favorite words.

It must have been 5 or 6 years ago when people started to pay attention to the deterioration of the environment.

While bringing up my child, I worried that snack-manufacturers did not recognize how sugary their products were. I learned that unless I study for myself, safe food is not founded and it is impossible to ensure safety.

That was when I heard about EM (useful microorganism groups). I wanted to use it to handle the garbage and return it to the field. It was a very nice experience starting the cycloid type life.

Around the same time, I met Mr.Matsuyama who began a good business for the environment.

I felt that people with the same desire are attracted to each other. I felt that pursuing life and being friendly to the environment is the best.

At one of the first meetings, I was introduced to Mr.Matsuyama’s family and work colleagues. In the comfortable atmosphere, I felt a certain warmth and comfort from him as he cared about his family above all.

Family is the most important basement.

Not only does he care about his family, he is also harmonious with his co-worker's.

Since his thoughts and desires are so strong, his co-workers have no hesitation in following him, and are able to keep a peace of mind.

In times of negative and unexpected social circumstances, like recent incidents all over the world, I am sure that he would provide a place like home.

Our future can only be made by actions and thought of ourselves, and not by someone else.

I think that only people who know that will lead a happy life and brighter future.
I am really looking forward to their work and way of life in the future.

United Networks for Earth Environment, person in charge of Kyoto
Kyoto EM love, person in charge of Kyoto
Kichiya Nobuko


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