Data of effect test

Using a thermograph, we measured the difference of temperature between coated-glass and normal glass under sunlight (Autumn, in the morning). Only after 2 minutes of testing the difference in the temperature of the carpets was 5. 1°C. The colors clearly show the difference.

We used a Halogen light as summer sunlight, and did the same experiment. After 30 minutes, the maximum temperature difference was 10°C. It also depends on the outside air temperature and humidity, but usually 8-11°C temperature difference is speculated.

Irradiate after 0 minutes   Irradiate after 30 minutes
Left: Coated glass 16°C
Right: normal glass 16°C
  Left: Coated glass 30°C
Right: normal glass 40°C

Video Reference

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*actually 30 minutes by editting.


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