Features of ECOP window coating

Mr.Iwaki in Osaka, Wrote on: July 13, 2009


I live on one of the higher floors of my apartment. I can now enjoy the beautiful scenery without curtains.
Their response to my telephone calls were very polite and the construction staffs were very kind, so I did not feel uncomfortable.

Mr. Naohiro Takahara, Wrote on: July 5, 2009

Most of my house is surrounded by windows, so I considered window coating because I was worried about the heat and UV rays.
I heard about ECOP window coating through their homepage. They responded quickly by mail and telephone, so I decided to ask Ecop to coat the glass surrounding my house.
The construction staff did a good job though it was very hot.

Dentist Matsumoto, wrote in: July 12, 2000

I was very worried about the UV rays, which continuously came through the windows. I was searching on the web to find ways to prevent UV rays from entering the room, and I found ECOP. I thought it was reliable, so I immediately asked for free estimates. I was very satisfied with the results.
Thank you very much.

Mrs. Yoshikawa Rika, wrote on: June 15, 2009

I decided to ask ECOP to coat the glass of our living room after having my first child, because I thought strong UV rays could be very harmful to my child.
ECOP sent me material samples so I was able to depend on them without any worries. FAQ on the homepage was also very helpful. Although I felt some uncertainty, ECOP responded kindly to my phone calls.
I expected the change of life by glass coating.

Mr. Hirano, Write on: June 7, 2009

I was very worried about the heat of the summer season.
After reading customer opinions on the homepage, I saw how effective it was in blocking the heat from the sun, and decided to ask ECOP to do the construction.
I could trust them without any worries because ECOP constructed very safely and explained everything to us in detail. Their response to my questions by e-mail were also very reliable.
I am very excited to see the effects of the glass coating this summer.

Mrs. Ooshita Katako, Wrote on: May 24, 2009

Worried about UV rays, I always had the curtains closed, but now I have nothing to worry about.
Mr.Kimura and Mr.Shimizu did a very good job on the construction. They are amazing professionals!
I was little bit nervous at first, but felt relieved after hearing Mr.Kimura's response.
I will make sure I let my friends know as well.

Mrs. Fujimoto Hiroko, Wrote on: May 21, 2009

Before tinting the windows, I used to close the curtains right away because I felt very hot just by sitting in the living room.
After coating the windows, I am now able to enjoy the view through the window.
The construction staffs were very friendly and worked quietly and even cleaned the outside of the windows.
Thank you very much.

Mr. Furukawa, Wrote on: December 9, 2005

Thank you for tinting our windows.
My house is brand-new and it has only been 9 months since we've moved in.
I wanted to have a bright house, so we used a lot of big windows.
However, the new floors tanned within a short time under the summer sun.
As well as the floor, the interior of our whole house faded by the sun-light which came through all of the windows.
I also worried about the influences strong UV rays could have on my skin.
I found ECOP's homepage on the internet and emailed immediately.
They answered courteously and sent glass samples.
Afer experiencing the actual effects, I decided to coat my windows.
I would like to thank Mr. Kimura and Mr. Tabata for their friendly service.
Also, thank you for taking the time to do a long distance business trip all the way here to Ibaraki.
I am looking forward to see how much of a difference I can feel next summer.

Wrote on : December 2, 2008

Thank you very much. After the construction, I am relieved that the sun-light that comes into my house does not feel too bright.
Although I am close to the window, I do not feel the heat from the sun, so I even enjoying sunbathing. Most of all, I am very glad that there are no ultraviolet rays coming through the windows at all.
Thank you for kindly responding to my emails and phone calls. I am very glad that I decided to do glass coating.
I would like to recommend ECOP to anyone who is having trouble with UV rays around me.
I am dissapointed that you are not glass coating cars anymore, because I would have liked to have my car glass coated as well.
I think these coating techniques can be applicable to many fields.
I hope for the best for your company.

Mr. Ohno Keiichi, Wrote on: October 12, 2008

Since stong sun-light shines through my house in the afternoon, I was worried that the furniture and floors in my house would fade.
I saw a leaflet for ECOP, and doubtfully asked for a sample kit. With the sample kit, I experienced that the heat from incandescent did not go through the coated glass.
After coating the windows, I measured the UV-rate using a tool which measures UV rays, and it was absolutely blocked. The efficiency of the air-conditioner has gone up and has helped reduce electricity expenses.
I would like to recommend ECOP to my friends after experiencing the reduction of electricity costs and energy consevation.
I truly appreciate ECOP's hard work and kind service.
Thank you very much.

Minobu High School, Wrote on: October 27, 2008

Because I sat in the back of the class with my back towards the window facing south, my seat was very hot from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Even during the winter, I got an underwear tan through my clothes. I hated how I got a sun-tan around my neck.
I heard ECOP window coating is effective to block UV rays, so I am very excited to see how effective it is.
I hope that next summer, I will be able to work comfortably.
I appreciate your hard work.

Mr. Onoda Hideki, wrote on: September 4, 2008

Thank you for the construction. Thanks to your construction, I was able to spend a very pleasant summer. I considered ECOP when I bought this house. Since my room faced west, I searched for a solution by surfing on the web.
One of my wife's friends said, “The air-conditioner may not work efficiently in that room," so I decided to coat the windows before moving in. Since there were only 3 windows facing west, I was worried that ECOP may not accept such a small order.
However, they gladly accepted and work very carefully.
I was able to experience the same effect as what ECOP's homepage advertised. I am satisfied and will introduce ECOP to my friends who live on the west side of the same appartment.

Mr.Tezuka, Wrote on: September 19, 2008

Before glass coating the windows, my room was like a sauna. Although I can not say it was 100% successful, I do not feel the heat as much, and the air-conditioner works a lot better than before.
I am really glad to have glass coated my windows. I decided to ask ECOP to coat the windows after reading the customer opinions on the ECOP website.
I recommend window coating to anybody worrying about heat and UV rays.
I would like to thank everybody at ECOP.

Minorigaoka nursery school, Wrote on: July 7, 2008

Dear, ECOP
Thank you for your sincere work although there was a slight incident with the leak from the roof.
We truly appreciate your friendly service. Before coating the windows, the glare of the sun felt very "Hot!", but now I feel the heat has been reduced and the air-conditioner is more effective than before.
I am also planning to ask ECOP to coat the windows of the office as well.
As it is getting hotter, please be careful of sunstroke.

KWM Institute Mr.Takii, Wrote on: June 27, 2007

As the west side of our company is exposed to the sunlight, the office gets very hot, and almost impossible to work between at 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Thanks ECOP's glass coating the office has become considerable cooler.
It is hard to imagine what it must have been like in that heat.
Because it is a colorless and transparent coating, there was no change of appearance, so the owner of the building approved of it immediately.
ECOP staff's response was very quick and very kind.
By all means, I recommend ECOP window coating to any who has problems with heat and UV.

Mrs. Nakamata Masako Wrote on: June 10, 2007

As a measure for sunlight exposer, film is usually used. However it is not very effective.
By chance, I heard about “glass coating construction,” Scintillate “It is a measure!”.
Questioned by phone, recommended to inspect window coated building “Roppongi Hills”, then I decided to order. Staff Mr. Matsuyama is bright and good person. 2 days later, I claimed some dirt was remained on window, then ECOP quickly came to deal with. As result, the dirt is caused by double glass, Structural problems, It wasn’t mistake of ECOP.
Now we have a nice life with clean windows.

Mr. Kawa hideru

Thank you for coating our windows. Full-filled heat disappeared in office. And became well air-conditioned. Reply via phone is also very kind and construction staffs are diligent.
This time I only ordered glass coating for my office, but I would like to ask for construction for my home, too.
I will happily recommend ECOP window coating to my colleagues and relatives.

 ■ Mitsubasa nursery school, Sako teacher.

Last year, we set the air-conditioner temperature to 24 ~ 22°C. However, this year we set the temperature to 27℃, but it is enough.

 ■ Myoken nursery school. Shimokubo teacher

In the morning, the heat coming from the east was so strong, but a sensory temperature is actually gone down after window coating. The teachers and kids are very pleased. One of the reasons is new air-conditioner, but temperature setting is 27°C. Last year was 24°C.

 ■Shyuhunokai nursery school in Osaka, Baba teacher.

We have wired glass which UV-protecting film does not attatch to. ECOP glass coating can be applied to wired glass. I am very glad to find Ultraviolet ray protection measures to wired glass.


Many computers and digital equipment releases lots of heat. Heat from windows can also not be ignored. The air conditioning was not effective at all, and the heat was so horrible, we could not work during the summer season. Furthermore, our windows are wired glass… we could not use film…
I heard about the glass-coating method and received a sample kit. I was surprised at how effectively it blocked the heat. I immediately ordered glass coating to be done. Troubles were solved, as if it were a lie. Even now I don't notice the sunset.

 ■ Hirono Kindergarten, Taniuchi teacher.

As it is colorless and transparent, the room does not become dark like film attachment.
Because I can watch the children playing in the garden, I am very relieved.
I thought it might be cold during the winter, but it isn’t.

 ■Menkei kindergarten Nishinotoin teacher.

Thank you very much. Looks like nothing is coated on window. Patrons are also glad.

 ■Shirohato nursery school the principal

Every summer, hang up a reed blind on window.
This summer is almost end, I forgot to hang up a reed blind.
It is nice and cool.

 ■Midori nursery school teachers.

We had our windows coated last year and the summer is a totally different. More than anything else, the air conditioner became very effective. 
Before the construction, the glare of the sun was very hot, but it is not anymore. I am very satisfied.

 ■Mr. Matsushita (Furniture warehouse)

After window coating, I can lay my favorite antique furniture. There is no need to worry about UV rays and sun tanning. It is colorless and transparent so it looks as if there is nothing on the glass.

 ■Restaurants Owner

Our restaurant is next to the river, so in the evening insects gathered around the signboard, windows, and the entrance to the door. Our guests were very irritated by the insects. Hmm…insects. Since we needed to manage the restaurants, I paid special attention to insects. That is why I coated the windows, all lamps and lighting. I heard that 50 percent less insects would gather. However, I feel about a 70 percent reduction, probably because large moths do not come close anymore.

 ■Mrs. Matsumoto in Osaka City Yodogawa-ku

My daughter, who was born this year, and I have atopic skin, very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. 
Last year, I bought a brand-new house which has fine scenery. Despite the weather, I could not open the curtains, because we couldn’t handle the sunlight. It was very disappointing. 
Now, I am enjoying sunshine, thanks to ECOP window tinting.

 ■Calligraphy Moriguchi Teacher

Glass coating is very helpful. The students next to the window could not concentrate due to the sunshine. If we closed the curtain or blinds, the classroom gets very dark. Of course, sunlight feels better than fluorescent lighting. The air conditioner also became more efficient. Thank you very much. 

 ■Mrs. Ohara in Kyoto

I heard from a public health care center that, “You’d better avoid UV as possible as you can.” My baby is under three months, but I do not worry about ultraviolet rays. My baby enjoys the sunshine like a sunflower.

 ■Space Plan in Kyoto CEO Kido

Three years ago, we attached film to our windows, but it slipped down and cracked. After ECOP construction, the windows look very clear. The cleaning staff is also glad that glass coating window is easier to clean than film.

 ■LAWSON manager in Kyoto city, Nishikyo-ku

The southwest side of the store was exposed to the sunlight, so we had the window-blinds down all day, but there is no need anymore. The performance of the air conditioner has improved. Posters and products do not tan anymore, so there no need to worry about that anymore. However, currently more people stay and read at the magazine corner.


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