Construction price

Glass coating blocking UV rays, construction price per 1㎡ is shown below.

Construction price table (㎡unit price including tax)
Less than 10㎡ $245 /㎡
More than 10㎡ but less than 20㎡ $201 /㎡
More than 20㎡ but less than 50㎡ $190/㎡
More than 50㎡ $178/㎡

*We offer a special price for Nursery schools, kindergartens, and elementary school, and other facilities where children gather. Please contact us.

*In addition to the costs above, extra payment such as curing fee, peeling fee (If film is attached on windows, etc.) and transport expenses, etc. will be charged, if necessary.

*In any case, the window coating construction is based on estimates Please contact us.


FREE Estimates, Please contact us!

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