- Customer Interview –

Mcdonald Mukoumachi Toys R Us branch

We've been interviewed to Mr. Kasahara, McDonalds Toys R Us Branch manager.

“Even in winter, make near window seat more comfortable...”

- Why did you attach FILM on front window ?

For measure of anti-heat. Window seat of our store is very hot due to facing west.
Although in winter, customer don't want to seat on window side table.
Using a roll screen, customer cannot see inside of store. I was worried and took consultation with Chief, as a result, we decided to attach the thermal FILM 3 months before.

“What the... film was failed!"

-How was the impression of film?

It wasn't good. I knew film has little bit brown color, but after the construction, brown color was stronger than I expected. Our store is Mcdonald. Cannot be a dark image. Also posters and stickers are also didn't look good on brown background.
Next morning of film construction, I strongly thought "It was wrong.." It cost almost $3,200...

“The actual construction of the museum is "definitely trusted!"

- What made you change the window coating instead peel off the film?

It peels off a little when poster changing.
I thought the children peel off the film for the fun. What kind of human psychology it is(laugh!).
Film was waste of money...A company introduce ECOP to us. We found ECOP did window coating in museum, "Museum choose ECOP. It must be effective, definitely!", we asked to ECOP.

“It is not daunted at all even if it scratches by the fingernail. It is valuable for long time."

-Compare with unconstructed window, Any difference of anti-heat effect?

It is good. All staff said window coating is not comparable to thermal FILM.
I think it is cool even sitting long time in near window table.

-How about the finish of the coating?

Finish is good.
Due to window has almost 100% transparency, no one know something is done on window surface.
And no scratching damage by fingernail. It is reliable.

-What did you think construction costs compared to the film?

Film was a good one made by ○○company, however window coating cost was little bit higher.
But window coating is not deteriorated, I think it has lifetime worthy.
personally I want to construct window coating in my house.

-- Thank you for a valuable interview today.

※ Interviewed in Febrary, 2009


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