- Customer Interview –

Ministry of the Environment Nagano Natural Environment Office

“In this summer we didn't turn on the individual air conditioning. “
Dept. of General Affairs, Mr. Takagi said.

“I feel become cooler than before.”

- After window coating(tinting), how do you feel?

(Mr. Takagi)“I am sorry, I am not sensitive to temperature. however, Ms. Yoshida said she can feel the difference."
(Ms. Yoshida): "I felt cooler in office after glass coating. Dept of General affair informed that there will be a construction of glass coating on some Saturday and Sunday in August. I almost forgot it. But someday, during working, "Something is different. What is this? Cooler than before...", I could feel that by my skin.

“This summer, we didn’t power on an individual air-conditioner once."

-How was the effect except feeling?

In fact, We cannot say the answer cause we don't have any temperature data before. Our office was moved from Matsumoto city to Nagano city last year.ECOP glass coating was this August. We cannot compare this summer and last summer. Just a quick note, in spite of tremendously hot in this summer, we did not turn on individual air-conditioner. I thought it was effect of glass coating, cool biz and measures of saving utility costs.

- What is an individual air conditioning?

Total air conditioning covers entire building. but, each office room can use individual air-conditioning, additionally. In this year, we didn't use it. Only total air-conditioning was enough to cool.

“What is the reason to measure anti-heat in Nagano Office?"

-Why did you choose ECOP glass coating for measure of anti-heat?

First, we thought to attach the film. but we heard explanation that glass coating continuable for 10 years. If same effect, glass coating would be better. We decided to go.

-What is the opportunity of glass coating in Nagano office?

Now the Japanese government try to cut down CO2 emissions. Basis of the 2012 Kyoto Protocol, C02 emissions must decrease 6%. [Team minus 6%] as all the people across the country are investing in energy conservation. Ministry of Environment must be ahead of the activities. Glass coating is part of its activities. Glass coating can block the sun-heat. If we do that we can set 28℃ to air conditioning, we can quickly be cool efficiently. Also save electricity usage. Electrical consumption is reduced, energy conservation will also help to reduce CO2 emissions. We will work hard to reduce CO2 and energy conservations for the future. Thanks a valuable conversation.

■■ ECOP Representative Q&A ■■

This coating is believed that over 10 years durability. However, ECOP was not established 10 years ago. How can you say the explanation of duration of 10 years?

A Research center has an experimental device, which can make wavelengths of light close to sunlight. Using this device, exposure amount of sunlight per 10 years to coated glass. It was accordance with JIS standards test. There are no changes of the coating. The strength of our glass coating is 6 ~ 7H. Therefore, stronger than the film(such as 3M), hard to scratched.

*this interview does not means that Ministry of Environment recommend ECOP glass coating.

Process in Nagano Natural Environment Office

Masking over desk and chair to prevent stain

Picking off windows one by one carefully

Covering Chassis to block wind blow

Window coating

Reinstating windows



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