- Customer Interview –

Hirono Kindergarten in Kyoto

We interviewed Mr.Yoshimura and teacher of hirono kindergarten.

“Why it isn't hot even if air-conditionning set 27 degrees?”

- What is the reason to choose window coating?

(Yoshimura):The kindergarten room on the first floor is strangely hot cause sunlight comes in directly from west side. Air conditionnning doesn't work even if set to 27 degrees. I felt pity to teachers and children. I thought and I must do something to solve this problem. so I choose ECOP window coating.
After coating, although the same 27 degrees, feeling is completely different.

-But I wonder if air conditionning set to 27 degrees, temperature of the romm might become 27 degrees, with window coating or not.

(Teacher):Before coating, 27 degrees were just around air conditionning. Now regardless everywhere in the room, almost equally 27 degrees, I can feel it.

“No longer a waste of air conditioning, electricity costs are also likely to save."

- Could you also feel the effect of window coating, Mr. Yoshimura ?

Children near window are no longer feel hot and it is quite impressive to me. Less consumption of electricity also good for kindergarten.
Upon a time, spent much of money for electronics, especially air conditionning. But next year I hope we can save electronic coat due to window coating.

※ Website of Hirono kindergarten
※ Interviewed September, 2006


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